21st August 2021 (Sat) - 29th August 2021 (Sun)

 Silver Linings

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About the Event



MSTW is the largest student-led technology conference in Malaysia, and has been held

annually in August since 2016.

This year, MSTW will consist of an incredible 9-day, fully virtual event inclusive of talks, panel sessions, interactive workshops and more with the aim of leading participants in the discovery and exploration of emergent technological innovations and their critical roles within the current societal and environmental climate.

A platform for the Malaysian youth, the chance to gain valuable insights into the inner workings of the industry, and the opportunity to expand professional networks, MSTW is an event unlike any other.

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YME is a student-led organization established to empower

Malaysian youth in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering,

and Mathematics (STEM). Founded in 2016, YME currently has over

700 registered members and more than 5500 followers between social media platforms. Continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate, YME remains one of the fastest-growing student-run bodies in Malaysia.

Because STEM Matters, And Youth Matters


About Us 


Overarching Theme : SILVER LININGS

Over the last year and a half, the pandemic has rewritten our daily lives. From nationwide lockdowns and unique work or study experiences to regulations on public transportation, we have all been forced to face our new 'normal’. Indeed it sometimes feels like the storm is never-ending, our future obscurred by dark clouds.

However, as the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Whilst it is undeniable that the vast majority of impacts caused by the pandemic are negative, a closer look into a select few technological sectors has revealed the emergence of numerous remarkable advances, demonstrating mankinds' inspiring resilience and adaptability. From the wide-scale deployment of e-commerce, fintech and AI automation to the creation of the first ever mRNA vaccines, we can finally see the bright rays of hope shining through the clouds.

About the Theme
Silver Linings



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21st TO 29th AUGUST 2021


Event Schedule

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Consisting of tech-related events, workshops and more! 

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21/8  :  CloudTech - Catalysis of Cloud Computing

22/8 :  MedTech - Dynamism within Digital Health

28/8 :  FinTech - The Future of Finance

29/8 :  Revolutionising the Industrial Realm

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MSTW21 is supported by a number of student organisations across a range of higher education institutions

Imperial College Union

Malaysian Society

Leeds University Malaysian and Singaporean Society

Malay Cultural

Society of the

University of Bristol

City University London Malaysian Society

King's College London Malaysian Society

Malaysian Students' Association Southampton

Edinburgh Malaysia

Students' Association

University of Bristol Malaysian and Singaporean Students'



Malaysian Society

RGU Malaysian, Bruneian and Singaporean Society


Lancaster University Malaysian Student Society

Exeter Malaysian Society

Malaysian Student Society Northern Ireland, Queen's

University Belfast


Malaysian and Singaporean Society

of the University

of Sheffield

Oxford University

Malaysia Club

Malaysian Students' Society of Manchester

Queen's University of Belfast Malay Club

Liverpool Malaysian Society

Malaysian Students' Society of Cardiff University

Plymouth University

Malaysian Society

Sheffield Malaysian Student Association

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