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YME hosts a multitude of events throughout the year catered towards Malaysian Youth interested in STEM. Planned and held in support of Pre-University and University level students, YME strives to provide exceptional opportunities allowing for a deeper understanding into various STEM fields and aiding students in the preparation for both University and working life.



21 August


29 August

MSTW WO 2.png

MSTW 2021

Malaysian Student Technology Week

YME's Malaysian Student Technology Conference is the largest annual student-led technology event in Malaysia. Due to restrictions, it was held fully VIRTUAL from the 21st to the 29th of August 2021!

In its sixth edition since its inception in 2016, MSTW21 was organised by a team of 47 individuals, comprising 4 departments - Secretarial, Operations and Logistics; Finance and Sponsorship; Content and Marketing; Human Resources.

Each of the 4 days of the opening and closing weekends were allocated a specific sub-theme (CloudTech: Catalysis of Cloud Computing,MedTech: Dynamism Within Digital Health,FinTech: The Future of Finance, and Revolutionising the Industrial Realm), and 4 relevant speakers were invited to deliver their presentations. Each speaking session consisted of a 30-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute live Q&A session. 

The weekday events included collaborations with our supporting partners and sponsors, with the lineup consisting of sponsor engagement sessions, workshops, a case study challenge, and a hackathon. 

Overall, the 9-day long event was a success with YME’s first hackathon being executed successfully. In summary, we accumulated 13,000+ views, 553 participants and 41 speakers throughout the 12 events we had.

18 June


10:00 (UKT) //
17:00 (MYT)

Experian Logo.png


On the 18th of June 2021, YME held a webinar via Microsoft Teams, in partnership with YME’s new Gold Event Sponsor - Experian, the world’s leading global information services company.

The webinar, titled ‘Data Analytics + Insights with Experian’, started with a corporate presentation on the company’s mission, achievements and values. Following this was a detailed introduction to data analytics, delivered by one of Experian’s professional employees - Mr Yap Hon Sim.


Subsequently, a 20 minute ‘Fireside Chat’ ensued. Participants had the opportunity to fire questions, answered by a panel of skilled Experian staff from distinct sectors. In closing was a brief sharing session from one of Experian’s staff, Ms. Adila, who enthusiastically shared her experiences in Experian since joining as a graduate talent 4 years ago.



3 July


10:00 (UKT) //
17:00 (MYT)

Webinar 2: Jobs on the Future

Calling all young talents! Ever wondered what job opportunities are in high demand, in a new era marked by rapid technological advancements? Or what future roles will be vital in sustaining a highly competitive ecosystem?


On the 3rd of July 2021, our sponsor partner, Aerodyne Group has helped resolve all of the burning questions in this webinar! Our experienced Aerorangers have discussed how powerful new technologies are reshaping the workforce, the skillsets and abilities that make the perfect employee, and how one can integrate technology effectively in jobs to empower the future!

An exclusive networking session was also held for participants to interact with our speakers. 


Webinar 1: In Pursuit of Unicorn

On the 21st of May 2021, YME held a webinar titled ‘In Pursuit of Unicorn’ via Zoom, in partnership with YME’s existing Gold Sponsor -  Aerodyne Group, the world’s second-ranked drone service provider.

The event featured three Aerorangers - experienced employees from Aerodyne; all well-versed in the startup world and the company’s rapid growth in pursuit of achieving Unicorn Company Status.

The webinar initiated with a corporate presentation from Aerodyne, providing an extensive overview of the company’s background, achievements and vision. This was successively followed by a networking session, where participants had an exquisite opportunity to engage with each of the Aerorangers, who shared their lucrative career experiences and advice pertaining to internships at startup companies.

21 May


10:00 (UKT) //
17:00 (MYT)

17 April


18 April

09:00 - 12:45 (UKT) //
16:00 - 19:45 (MYT)

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Python Workshop

On the 17th and 18th of April 2021, YME held its annual PYME: a Python Workshop which spanned two days and covered the basics of the Python programming language. The syllabus involved 8 carefully selected chapters, including topics such as Objects and Data Structures, Comparison Operators, Python Statements, and Methods and Functions, taught by experienced demonstrators assisted by several YME Directors.

Participants were given time to network, ask questions, and find out more about their speakers. There were also several YME Directors with Python experience present to provide additional support to the participants during the workshop.

Deriv (Black)_edited_edited.png


​​On the 10th of April 2021, in partnership with Deriv, YME held an exclusive event titled "Options and Quantitative Trading Webinar".


The webinar featured three speakers in different roles - Quantitative Analyst and Training & Performance Management Manager - who shared an overview on trading tips & tricks; insights into trading as an alternative income source; and career opportunities in the trading field, giving participants a chance to learn about Options and Quantitative Trading from experts in the field, as well as an opportunity for graduates to develop their skillset and expertise. Participants are also given exclusive access to event materials and resources to further explore trading.

10 April


10:00 (UKT) //
17:00 (MYT)




STEM Outreach Program

STEM Outreach Program is an umbrella initiative that aims to promote STEM degrees amongst pre-university students, focusing more in Engineering and Natural Sciences. This program is going to span over a few months, delivering insightful events such as bi-weekly talks, mentoring schemes, online forums, and STEM Outreach Thursdays.

Interested to know more about STEM and our Outreach program? Or in meeting others with similar interests and ambitions? Our online forum is the best platform for you to share your thoughts, ask questions and even advice from others. Join us today!

Stem Outreach Online Forum
Bi-Weekly Talk 1: Insights on Studying a STEM Degree   
| 27th February 2021
Bi-Weekly Talk 2: Mechanical, Aerospace and Electrical   
| 13th March 2021

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