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YME hosts a multitude of events throughout the year catered towards Malaysian Youth interested in STEM. Planned and held in support of Pre-University and University level students, YME strives to provide exceptional opportunities allowing for a deeper understanding into various STEM fields and aiding students in the preparation for both University and working life.


28 January


09:00 - 10:45 (UKT) // 
17:00 - 18:45 (MYT)

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Insights on Internships

On the 28th of January 2023, YME successfully hosted the second Insights On Internship (I.O.I) event via Zoom. This year's event featured a total of 8 speakers, each from different backgrounds and industries, including Bank Negara Malaysia, New Straits Times, Sunway Construction Bhd, Petronas Dagangan Bhd, AeroDyne Group, Shopee Malaysia, and Ernst & Young.

The event was divided into three panels: Humanities, STEM, and Finance, with each panel featuring speakers from relevant industries. Participants were free to join any breakout room with their respective panels to listen to the speakers' sharing.

All speakers shared their unique internship stories and provided invaluable insights and information to the attendees. The speakers also addressed any myths surrounding internships and provided constructive facts to clear up any doubts during the FAQ session. The Q&A session also gave the participants an opportunity to engage with the speakers on any further inquiries they may have had.

Epic 3D Modelling

CAD Week
solidwork logo.png

CAD Week is a thrilling week-long event crafted to immerse participants in the world of computer-aided designs. Experience the power of designing 3D models using cutting-edge software and unlock your creative potential!

During CAD Week, participants will embark on exhilarating crash courses in computer-aided designing (CAD), engage in daily challenges, and take part in a stimulating mini-competition led by seasoned mentors. These experts will mentor and guide them, helping turn their visions into tangible, functional models by the end of the week.

30th March
2nd April

20th May


21st May


PYME: PyWeb Bootcamp was an immersive 2-day event led by Mr. Raeveen, an experienced full-stack web developer. During the bootcamp, participants delved deep into the fundamentals of the Flask web framework and explored its practical applications in web development. Through hands-on experience, they mastered the art of building dynamic, robust web applications using Python and Flask.

PYME offered a comprehensive understanding of Flask's architecture and guided attendees through integrating modern technologies like RESTful APIs and Authentication.

The venue of the event was proudly sponsored by Google Developer Students Club APU (GDSC). It marked our first physical gathering since the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded developers in person.


PyWeb Bootcamp

MSTC '23

Malaysian Students' Technology Week

This is an upcoming event.

For the first time in 4 years, Malaysia's largest student-led tech event is BACK! Taking place at MRANTI Makers Lab.

Join us on the 18th - 20th of August for an eye-opening 3 DAYS worth of virtual and physical tech-related events, talks and workshops! Besides a star-studded speaker lineup, MSTC will feature a diverse range of tech topics, including Web development, Robotics, and Finance, all of which fall under our overarching theme this year, Artificial Intelligence! 

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18th August
20th August

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