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Engineering The Future

Be a part of the biggest STEM community for Malaysians!

Our Story

Young Malaysian Engineers (YME) is a student-run organisation established to empower Malaysian Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Through both Malaysian and United Kingdom chapters, YME provides a professional social platform for passionate and like-minded students to connect with one another and with experts across a wide range of STEM-related fields.

Founded in 2016, YME has since hosted a multitude of events such as the Sustainable Development Goal Challenge, numerous coding workshops and various educational and careers webinars. Our flagship event - the Malaysian Students’ Technology Week (MSTW) - is held annually in August and includes panel discussions, keynote addresses, workshops and more, featuring prominent speakers from around the world.

YME exists because STEM matters, and youth matters. With a brighter future in mind, YME will strive to provide outstanding opportunities to all in hopes of realising our dream: the establishment of a scientific and innovative Malaysian society.

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est. 2016

Our Story

To represent the voice of young engineers, scientists, mathematicians and others involved in the STEM field


To equip our members with the technical and soft skills required to succeed in the workplace

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between academics and industries by offering networking opportunities


To engage our community in addressing national issues using scientific knowledge and technology 


At Young Malaysian Engineers, we strive to achieve our goals for the betterment of the STEM community.

Our Mission

We organise educational events throughout the year

YME hosts a multitude of events throughout the year catered towards Malaysian Youth interested in STEM.

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YME-Insider is a bi-weekly newsletter comprised of selected breaking news in STEM and exciting internship opportunities in both STEM and finance. We aspire to inform and empower our members academically and professionally through concise, powerful writing. Read our Q1 newsletter to find out more about us!

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